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For Twilight fans who have been mourning the end of the franchise since Breaking Dawn - Part 2's November release, there is an upcoming movie that can fill that void: The Host - an adaptation of a sci-fi novel written by Twilight author .

If these new images are any indication, The Host will offer the same heart-wrenching love scenes (and a good side-helping of decent action) that Meyer fans counted on in the Twilight franchise.

(via the movie's official Facebook page)

Described simply as "a love story set in the future," the movie follows the relationship between two of the last humans on Earth - Melanie () and Jared (). Against her will, Melanie's body becomes the host for an alien known as Wanderer, and she must fight to resist the presence.

Same equation as Twilight except the formula is flipped, isn't it? The female will be the dangerous one with the uncontrollable instincts. This stinks of box office gold.

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