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Jack Giroux

Director 's Looper set up a heck of a world. Bodies being sent back in time for a quick, dirty assassination? There are a lot of stories which could be told with that concept alone; ones not even involving the film's Old Joe () and Young Joe (). But, thanks to time travel, maybe those characters could be brought back for a sequel. How? You'd have to ask someone smarter than me, but I have a few ideas.

So, could Looper follow the footsteps of the Terminator series? It's doubtful, but we spoke to Johnson, who seemed enthusiastic about hopes for a sequel and, while this is probably a small, meaningless tidbit, he never said no to the idea:

Looper 2? Loopers? The Rainmaker Chronicles? First of all, it's incredibly flattering to me. I've had a few people ask on twitter or wherever, and it's flattering people want more from the world. For me, I created the world and wrote everything in it specifically at the service of this one story. I wasn't thinking about it beyond the two hours in this movie. I never thought about it as something that would be explored more.

Johnson never thought about it as something he'd explore more, but there are ways he could. What if someone privy to Joe's death travels back to tell an even younger Joe about his fate? Maybe someone that cared about Joe or who was invested in Sid becoming the Rainmaker travels back as well and jumbles up the newly created timeline? There could even be a whole movie set within Looper's fantastic aging montage. So many possibilities...


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