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Things are gearing up for the all-American (and a little bit Canadian) sitcom How I Met Your Mother, as the show is set to air its Season 9 premiere on Monday, September 23.

Although fans will have to wait until fall for to find out what will happen in the successful CBS show, it's good to check in with the crew from time to time, just to get the lowdown. So, here's what executive producer had to say recently, when he took to Twitter:

To add some more meat to Thomas' comments about the show, TV Line revealed some Season 9 spoilers involving a new female character:

Rumor has it the ninth and final season premiere is tellingly titled "The Locket," and will introduce a potentially new female character with ties to... Marshall! Camille, described as an African-American or Latina female in her 30s or 40s, is seated next to Lily's other half on a flight from Minnesota > NYC. She becomes so annoyed with Marshall's erratic behavior that a confrontation ensues and they are both escorted off the plane prior to take-off. My question for you guys: Who's this Camille chick, really, and what does she want with Marshall?

The format of HIMYM means that jokes can be set up way before they happen, the story can skip back and forth, and if things get a bit boring, a mention of a future event (like, er, a goat in a bathroom) can be thrown in. There's a time jump of some sort in every episode of this show, so you can rest assured the premiere will be no different. This plane scene between new face Camille and Marshall () might well be a flashback, too, setting us up for another piece of Marshall-style slapstick.

What do you think will go down in How I Met Your Mother Season 9? Tell us your ideas below!

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