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So, I've said for a while that Disney is pretty much going to take over the world. Granted, none of this was captured on film or print, and was more likely the product of a late night at the bar, but still, I said it. SO THERE.

Anyway, with the media empire's announcement out of CinemaCon that the next phase of the re-energized Star Wars franchise would match the output of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it appears I was not far off from the truth.

Disney CEO Alan Horn officially confirmed what we already knew, which is that Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens will be hitting theaters in 2015. But, he also dropped the nugget of knowledge that from that point on, there will be a movie from the Star Wars franchise in theaters every year. It will roughly follow the Marvel pattern, with a major Star Wars episode movie alternating with character-based spin-offs.

As far as the rough timeframe, it was revealed that word jockeys and are busy at work penning the first two spin-off films, which will theoretically be released in 2016 and 2018, so it will look something like this:

2015 - Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens

2016 - Rogue One (Boba Fett)

2017 - Star Wars: Episode VIII

2018 - Rogue One (Han Solo)

2019 - Star Wars: Episode IX

Feel free to reverse the order of the Boba Fett/Han Solo spin-offs, but other than that, that's what we're working with. All in all, it's a pretty ambitious project, but Disney has shown they are more than capable of handling massive output of huge franchises without a hitch. Granted, the people involved with Lucasfilms are different than the ones with Marvel Studios, but with Disney overseeing it all from its throne of power, we can expect things to move forward pretty quickly. [[poll]]


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