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The New York Times have been given a privileged peek back in time at the origins of Wyldstyle's counterculture chic, and the selection box of designs is truely awesome!

This absolute treasure trove of concept designs created for The LEGO Movie reveals all that could have been, but the final design was definitely well chosen!

Wyldstyle's () costume was one of the major design challenges of the visually stunning romp through Cloud Cuckoo Land. said that;

Because of the blocky, trapezoidal nature of Lego bodies, it was sometimes difficult to fashion female characters. After trying out a few different ideas, the directors decided that they were trying to tell too much of Wyldstyle’s story with her costume, so they boiled it down to counterculture ninja graffiti artist, tough but cute

Take a look at some of the different ways that and Chris Miller tried to overcome the difficulties below:

Warner Bros. also altruistically shared an incredible design for the Master Builder's submarine.

Do any of you guys reckon you could craft something as amazing out of Lego? And, more importantly, did they dress Wyldstyle in the most rocking rags?

(Source: Comic Book Movie via The New York Times)

(Images: The Pic Review and New York Times via Warner Bros.)



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