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Do you want to watch something cool? Check out the new trailer of 300: Rise of an Empire, where a female lead is fighting a new epic battle. Watch as a vengeful Amazon leading the invading Persian forces to destroy the Greeks in the second trailer of the 300 spin-off, newly released by Warner Bros.

Check out the video with the strong women in the spotlight. It is brutal, action-packed and, just like the first instalment, visually breathtaking.


The new chapter of the epic tale takes the battle to sea. This time Greek general Themistocles () tries to unite the Greeks to form defense against the invading army of the mortal-turned God, Xerxes (). As Screen Rant reports, 300: Rise of an Empire is both a prequel and a sequel to ’s comic book movie, since it also explores the back-story of Xerxes before it moves forward in time to the historical naval Battle of Artemisium. The pre/sequel, taking place before during and after the battle at Thermopylae in 300, is produced by Snyder and is helmed by TV commercial director .

The cool thing about the trailer is that it reveals two extremely strong female characters: Eva Green as the ruthless warrioress Artemesia and (Cersei from Game of Thrones) as Queen Gorgo.

(source: Youtube via Screen Rant)

What do you think of the trailer?


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