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Growing up reading 's , every little girl imagined themselves as Violet Baudelaire. One talented young lady, Emily Browning, took a crack at acting the part back in 2004. That movie might have been riddled with problems, but Browning's performance was strong and entertaining. But by the time Netflix decided to take a crack at the series, both Browning — and myself — were too old to be considered for the part. *Sigh*

[Credit: Brett Helquist]
[Credit: Brett Helquist]

Enter, Malina Weissman. The Violet Baudelaire of Generation Z. You might recognize the 13-year-old from her turn as a young on The CW show by the same name. But these days, she's the eldest Baudelaire child, alongside Louise Hynes (Klaus) and Presley Smith (Sunny).

Despite her young age, Weissman's been in the biz since she was 8. In an interview with Konbini, she described how she landed the role in ASOUE:

"I got the audition and I think I did 3 or 4 in New York and then they flew me out to Los Angeles and we did the two last auditions there. It was sort of nerve-wracking because, in the last audition, you’re like, “Well, If I don’t get it, it’s OK…” but I ended up getting it and I was jumping up and down in my hotel room."

Weissman went on to say that she had read the books, so she had a good basis for understanding Violet's character, but she still added in a bit of herself as she made the character her own. And like any Lemony Snicket reader worth her salt, she learned a thing or two in the process:

"When I was reading the script, there were some words that I didn’t even know what they meant, so I would always look it up on my phone. I learned a lot of differents words from filming."

Violet ties her hair up with a ribbon 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' [Credit: Netflix]
Violet ties her hair up with a ribbon 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' [Credit: Netflix]

Of course, being a Netflix star in her own right doesn't stop her from having her own favorite shows to binge:

"I just binge-watched 'Gilmore Girls'! I’m on the Season 7 and I’m trying not to watch too much of it because I don’t want it to end."


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