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Welcome to your number one source for all the trailers available so far. You can spend as long as you want perusing these clips for any clues or hidden codes that might be lurking behind Netflix's use of grayish filters. We've already found a few for you. Feel free to record any interesting findings in our commonplace book (a.k.a. the comments section).

Updated 03/07/2017:

All The 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Trailers

Netflix spared no expense marketing its adaptation of 's stories. It released numerous A Series of Unfortunate Events trailers leading up to the show's arrival on the streaming service. While there is no trailer yet for Season 2, rewatch the old ones to see if you can spot all the Easter eggs!

See Sunny's Sharp Teeth In Action In This TV Spot

Instead of getting a set of twin child actors like the 2004 movie, has decided to create the sharp-fanged baby Sunny out of CGI. It's a smart move, considering this is the only way she could accomplish some of the insane tooth-related activities she manages in the books. For instance, going to town chewing up that tree trunk in the TV spot above.

Count Olaf Wishes You A (Not) Very Festive Day In This Teaser With A Secret Holiday Gift Inside

Season's greetings, volunteers. A new coded message has just surfaced from Netflix, this time in the form of a holiday-themed teaser, featuring none other than that wicked thespian Count Olaf.

Olaf prattles on about his pyromania and hatred of innocent children, which is all old news to us. But what's truly important is what's written on the barn behind Olaf.

It's yet another coded message! Like the others that came before it, if you go to, you'll find a fully functioning website with four different unfortunate holiday e-cards for you to post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or just download for your own miserable use.

Unhappy Holidays E-Card [Credit: Netflix]
Unhappy Holidays E-Card [Credit: Netflix]

Netflix Begs You To Watch Something Else In Trailer #2

Another trailer has appeared. This time, we see even more of Lucky Smells Lumber Mill and Aunt Josephine, not to mention Violet and Klaus themselves. On one hand, it looks like Netflix might be taking a few liberties by improving Violet's inventing abilities — does she build a grappling hook and a mechanical backpack that climbs ropes automatically? But on the other, the hook-handed man's line about tearing the children limb-from-limb is lifted straight from the books.

Try Not To Weep After Trailer #1

At long last we now have a first glimpse of Malina Weissman (Violet), Louis Hynes (Klaus), K. Todd Freeman (Mr. Poe), and in character and in all their miserable glory. But perhaps best of all, we FINALLY get to meet our little Sunny Baudelaire. She's certainly adorable, but doesn't seem quite as sharp-fanged as she could be.

Meet Count Olaf In Teaser #2

The second teaser trailer gives us our first close-up of that awful actor, Count Olaf. Since Jim Carey was basically the only redeeming quality about the 2004 movie, has a lot to live up to. From this teaser, it looks like he's created a more dark and sinister Olaf, more like the character in the books.

Hear Snicket's Woeful Warning In Teaser #1

Before the official trailers dropped, Netflix warned us away with this teaser trailer, featuring Patrick Warburton as himself. Snicket is wandering around the sound stage where ASOUE is allegedly filmed, and if you look veryyyyy closely, you can find a handful of Easter Eggs hiding in there.

The Video Filled With Deception

This basically perfect "fan-made" trailer landed on YouTube in July, posted by user Eleanora Poe — which happens to be the name of the editor of the Daily Punctillio. While sources like Variety and Daniel Handler insist it isn't legit, knowing the Snicket style of stirring up publicity and then trying to dodge it (seriously, who has an Unauthorized Autobiography?), this could all just be part of the scheme.


Do you think Eleanora Poe's video is legit?


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