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It can't be true! is without doubt one of the world's best known and most watched TV shows. Starting nearly 10 years ago, The Big Bang Theory has given fans nearly 10 seasons to binge-watch on Netflix everyday, reliving those classic moments. The currently No. 1 prime time television show is getting an average of 19 million viewers per episode for Season 10 as it is. This gives the show a good name and reputation to fluently flow into an 11th season if it is decided. However, it appears the show is heading to a dead end after Season 10 as it's reported Kaley Cuoco won't be renewing her contract to play the role of Penny for another season. Also, Kunal Nayyar has said 10 season is enough for the show and shouldn't go beyond that.

With The Big Bang Theory ready to dust under the carpet, according to Entertainment Weekly, CBS are already planning a spin-off show based purely about Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) in his early days before meeting Leonard and Penny. Now, we all know this will make the franchise even bigger than it already is and give The Big Bang Theory an even bigger name, but bare in mind this is currently unconfirmed, as CBS has yet to come forward and make a comment. This now leaves fans pondering if the reports are true or false.

The spin-off show is currently at the very early stage of pre-production. More reports began to emerge out of the dust that none of Jim Parsons's fellow Big Bang Theory stars will have a part in this show. It will be purely about Sheldon Cooper and no one else to push him aside. Jim Parsons is set to executive produce with the current Big Bang Theory executive producers Bill Prady, Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro.

Would A Spin-Off Show Actually Work?

A Sheldon Cooper spin-off show can only work if the fans of The Big Bang Theory give the show hope and faith. The world becomes divided in two when it comes to discussing The Big Bang Theory because you either love it or hate it; there's no in between. Support from the viewers will give the showrunners and writers more confidence, which will then help them produce better quality scripts to kick-start the show.

But the big question is: What will actually happen in the show and what will be its main idea to get across to viewers? Well, this is the chance for fans to come up with some of their own ideas until further details are confirmed. We already know the show will be based on Sheldon's early years, but does that mean his teenage and early twenty years? Or, will it be based just a few years before meeting Leonard?

With it being a spin -off show, there's no reason why it couldn't cross into s years. This will give the showrunners the opportunity to expand upon Sheldon's life and fill in the gaps that have been missed throughout The Big Bang Theory. It's been revealed why Sheldon knocks three times before entering a room, so why not show us that and set it in stone? The spin-off show will also gives us as an audience an insight as to what Sheldon was doing before science and what got him to suddenly get his pen poised and start working within the physics industry.

With it being a spin-off show, there's no reason why it couldn't cross into The Big Bang Theory when (and if) the spin-off show comes to an end. This could easily be done by showing the day Sheldon and met Howard and Raj, and then move onto Leonard moving in with Sheldon. It's almost like a Big Bang Theory prequel. If the spin-off show gets up and running and finishes with Sheldon and Leonard going to the sperm bank (as seen at the start of Season 1, Episode 1), Big Bang Theory fans will have a huge fan moment of excitement knowing they can watch the Sheldon Cooper spin-off show before watching The Big Bang Theory itself.

Is A Sheldon Copper Spin-Off Show Something You'd Like To See?


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