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Mark Newton

OK, the concept might sound kind of ridiculous, but stick with it, because Elijah Wood's upcoming thriller Grand Piano is apparently kind of good.

plays a concert pianist who is plagued with severe stage fright. After a five year hiatus from performing live, he returns to the stage to find notes in his sheet music threatening to kill him if he plays one note wrong. Cue a suspenseful thriller mystery also starring .

Want to see what that looks like? Well, check out the trailer below:


Now, I have to say the trailer didn't exactly blow me away. In fact, it kind of reminded me of Phone Booth, which isn't a good thing...

However, the first reviews for Grand Piano have been rather positive, although few major movie news outlets have reviewed the movie yet. In any case, I'm reserving judgement until we can see it.

Luckily, that isn't too far away. Grand Piano hits VOD/iTunes on January 30, 2014 and arrives in theaters on March 7.

What do you think? Were you more impressed by the trailer? Let me know below.


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