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Kristen Stewart is famed for her solemn collection of facial expressions but her notoriously shy smile jumps to attention whenever her BFF is in the room.

Is that a sneaky little smirk I see Kristen? has always struck me as a bit of a mythical unicorn and, my suspicions seem to be correct. After all, anyone who can put 's dazzling grin on high beam for a whole evening must have magical powers! Check out the video below of the pair having a blast at the Chanel métiers d'art event.


KStew seems to have found a friend for life in her four-time co-star Dakota, not only has the 19 year old actress been celebrating their friendship on Instagram recently, but she also leapt to defend her close chum after her affair with director .

Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart share a smile

Of course, the less sentimental among us might say that KStew was displaying such uncharacteristic enthusiasm because she had just been told she was the new face of Chanel, but those poor souls have never known the power of true friendship. Lets introduce them all to the human embodiment of sunshine that is Dakota and make the world a better place!

Source: International Business Times

Images: Memebase and International Business Times via Youtube


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