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Cat got your clothes, Somerhalder? The smouldering star certainly knows how to use his good looks to dazzling effect but, this time he is combining them with his stellar sense of humor.

The Vampire Diaries star has teamed up with 's hilarious website Funny or Die to film a spoof video but, he is not giving much away.

set Instagram ablaze with the hormones of 1000s of pubescent girls by posting a picture of himself on-screen and shirtless touching his own face. While the photo might be relatively tame, Somerhalder teased with the following caption:

Shooting aka Funny Or Die with @idtweeps @aaronmarion and bad-ass # FOD crew Laughing my ass off-cant wait to you all to see this next week. Viewer discretion is advised. Not be suitable for young'ins!!!! No offense! Love you little ones;) Thank you Funny Or Die!!!

What won't be suitable for little ones is left firmly in the imagination but, I bet I can guess what your thinking. Great pervs think alike!

Take a look at the image in question below:

Ian Somerhalder, you naughty little tease!

Does anyone have any ideas/hopes/dreams of what Somerhalder will be up to in his new clip?

(Source: Entertainment Wise via Instagram)

(Images: We Heart It, Entertainment Wise via Instagram)


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