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If you don't know who Chris Hardwick is, then you're missing out. The comedian and presenter behind popular TV aftershows Talking Dead (for The Walking Dead) and Talking Bad (for Breaking Bad) has been discussing his next potential aftershow, which True Blood fans might well start a petition to see come true.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! TV, Hardwick was asked about his guiltiest TV pleasure, to which he responded:

True Blood... Because I've been watching it for so long! I just keep going like, "Who's gonna to be a thing this season?" [Laughs.] That show … I love it because it's just so off the rails. And there are so many storylines going on, and I love that they just, for no reason, completely drop storylines that you think are gonna be big storylines. There was one season where Jason Stackhouse was going to be a werepanther. A f---ing werepanther. And they built it up and then all of a sudden it was just over. It was so clear to me that someone came in one day and said, "No more f---ing werepanthers!" They just got rid of it, and a couple of episodes later, someone was talking to Joe Manganiello's character and he goes, "Oh, I thought Jason was going to be a werepanther." "Nope, he has to be born that." And that was it, and they never referred to it again. [Laughs.] That romance, those weird mud rednecks… it was all over. It was almost like them saying, "And don't f---ing ask about it again!" It's just so weird.

And when the interviewer teased that he wanted to see Hardwick's True Blood aftershow, Hardwick surprised us with this little nugget:

The show would be called "Seriously What the F--- Blood." [Laughs.] It's called "Is This F---ing True Blood"? That guy was supposed to be the most powerful magical creature that you've ever seen, and they killed him in like a second. That show!

Awesome. AMC has yet to formally renew its Hardwick-hosted Walking Dead postshow Talking Dead, so maybe the TV personality will have a little spare time on his hands to concentrate his efforts on an aftershow for True Blood's final run.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see a Talking Blood? The petition stars here, folks!



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