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Mark Newton

It's here! It's here! Stop what you're doing, this definitely takes priority over everything! Iron Man 3 has just received another mind-blowing trailer, and I think it won't be controversial to say it's the best one yet. Enough of my mindless excited gabbering, watch it below:

(via CinemaBlend)

OK, where do I start? This latest trailer has given us a whole load of new glimpses. So far, most of what we've seen has centered on as the Mandarin. We get to see a bit more of him (which is always good), but most importantly we also get to see more of Aldrich Kilian's () schemes. We already suspected we'd see the Extremis virus make an appearance, and this latest trailer certainly suggests that. We get a brief peek at some Kilian goons undergoing some kind of medical procedure. Are they being enhanced to take on Iron Man? Perhaps. But, of course, the biggest reveal of all is the whole battalion worth of automated Iron Men appearing alongside the Hulk-Buster armor. This certainly suggests Iron Man 3 will be of a scale unprecedented in Marvel, let alone Iron Man, history.

And now, one piece of cautious speculation. Was that Pepper Pots () appearing in her underwear? Now, does this mean she suits up at some point? Could we really be seeing Rescue coming to the... well, rescue?

Did you spot anything else? Get commenting below.


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