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Nicholas Crum

A Zombie Musical? Is this the next big cross over from the ever popular horror genre? The creator of Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal certainly thinks so. Currently developing a feature film version of his BAFTA New Talent winning short film aptly titled Zombie Musical.

The Zombie Musical feature film story follows a group of high school friends as they band together to save their parents during a zombie apocalypse at Christmas. The story progresses through song as we follow the friends across their devastated city, with a healthy dose of zombie killing action, tongue-in-cheek humour, and young love thrown in for good measure. Ryan McHenry wants to be true to all the parent genres making sure the horror elements are terrifying and the musical numbers are catchy.

With a sleuth of successful horror cross genres films; Shaun of the Dead, Cabin in the Woods, Zombieland, the team at Haphazard Media are hoping that they can tap into this trend. But, it’s a difficult world for low budget film at the moment, with DVD dying and VOD yet to properly catch up, distributors and financiers are running scared of films – even low budget ones – which don’t fit into traditional genres. But Haphazard Media are avid fans of the weird and the different, and genuinely believe there’s a big audience for this film if only they can get it made.


The flip side to all this is that films are also much cheaper to make, and Haphazard plan to draw on their experience, and an awful lot of goodwill, to be able to have high production values that even 5 years ago would have been impossible with the kind of budget they’re thinking about.

As a result of all this, they have decided to take a different route to finance – Kickstarter – to draw on the smaller but hugely powerful community of genre fans, who believe in doing things a bit differently.

Of course it has become more conventional recently with big names like and Veronica Mars getting involved, but again Ryan McHenry and the team have given their campaign an individual and original twist. They are currently shooting a webseries, created especially for the Kickstarter project, that will follow the crew as they try to survive their OWN zombie apocalypse. Each week they will release a new episode on kickstarter where the events and contents of which will be determined by the amount of money they raised that week. The pitch video is the first episode of the series and you can see it here.

They are also offering some truly unique perks, which include becoming and Executive Producer of the feature film for just £1 ($1.5).

So come on folks, share, donate and let’s see if we can help the guys survive the Zombie apocalypse long enough to make their feature!


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