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Move over, Dark Universe! You're not the only universe planting its seed this weekend. The Mummy kicked things off for Dark Universe's monster movie world, but what genre fans didn't know is that A24's film It Comes at Night also dropped this weekend and could be the beginnings of its own cinematic universe! Say what?

A24, the production company behind some of the most buzzed-about horror flicks over the past few years, recently tweeted a little tidbit about their latest genre offering that ties the film into last year's horror hit, The Witch.

The studio tweeted:

Every studio deserves a cinematic universe

According to the article attached to the tweet, Christopher Abbott, one of the stars of It Comes at Night, confirmed that the goat actor who played the malevolent (and now iconic) Black Phillip in The Witch also makes a brief appearance in this film saying,

Yeah, it was literally the same goat.

Having seen the film, he serves more as an extra this time around, but hell, I'll take it! Could it have been the doings of evil Black Phillip that brought so much depression and heartache to the family in It Comes at Night? Or, is the desolate cabin from It Comes at Night built on the same land that the family from The Witch once occupied many years ago? Needless to say, Black Phillip deserves his own spin-off.

Now, no universe has been officially confirmed, but at least it's fun to speculate. A24's brand of is certainly distinctive in its slick presentation, eerily quiet score, and slow-burning tension. Some have labeled the style of filmmaking as "art-horror." Other genre titles in the A24 catalog include The Blackcoat's Daughter, The Monster, Ex Machina and Green Room.

'The Witch' Credit: A24
'The Witch' Credit: A24

Would you be interested in seeing an "art-horror" cinematic universe? Let us know in the comments below!


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