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If, like me, you're somewhat stuck in the '90s when it comes to plucking memories of child stars out of your grey matter, it's likely that the vision you store of Aaron Carter is that he's still the same be-curtained teen 'throb that he was when waxing about candy and bad apples way back when. Well, spoilers: people change. Yet not even the hardest old school Carter fan could've predicted the absolute WTF-fest that's been taking place over on his Twitter account the past few days.

According to the former child star's social media feed and varying reports from several (usually reliable) celebrity news outlets, this week Carter has been involved in one "severe" car accident in which he broke his nose and totaled his car, threatened suicide via Xanax, had police knocking on his door three times in the same day, and then accused the media of making everything up. And while we're probably not going to get to the bottom of what actually went down in Casa de Carter this week, the plot-twists alone make this ride somewhat of a head-scratcher.

Tuesday Morning

Vibe: Existential

Aesthetic: LOVE

But then Aaron's day took a turn for the terrible. He got into a really bad accident :(

Leaving his car totally wrecked

(Assuming Aqua* is the car)

*Also assuming Aqua was named after the band. R.I.P.

The crash left him in a pretty bad state. Hurt arms, legs, and a broken nose

But thankfully he was alright

He's really OK

No seriously guys, he's fine

See, he even posted a picture the next day to show how fine he is

But wait, didn't he say he had a broken nose?

Hmmm. Weird. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Must have just healed really fast or something. Anyway, the most important thing is that Aaron is OK, physically. Sadly though, the varying reports coming courtesy of sites E! News and TMZ hint that there might be more behind these tweets than meets the eye.

TMZ's report came first. On Tuesday morning, the site claimed that Aaron had been "trying to buy a gun" and was threatening to "harm family members." Per their account, anonymous sources — which we a.l.w.a.y.s. take with a pinch of salt — had reached out to the cops three times in a 24 hour period.


According to docs obtained by TMZ ... someone called St. Petersburg PD in Florida at 11:47 AM Tuesday saying Aaron has been trying to buy a gun in the last couple weeks. Cops went to his house, but no one answered the door.


They returned at 2:12 PM after another caller said Aaron needed psychiatric evaluation because he refused medical attention after a car accident. Police discovered Aaron had indeed totaled his BMW, and broke his nose, but was otherwise fine.


The third incident came at 4:18 AM Wednesday, when the caller said Aaron was threatening to harm family and others. Cops showed up, knocked on the door but someone shut off a light and closed the blinds.

The run down via E! News is essentially the same, though it contains a worrying piece of information omitted from TMZ's:

According to the documents, the caller claims that Carter told a friend he was going to kill himself and threatened to take Xanax, Klonopin and Dusters.

Adding that these police visits were more "welfare," and the calls a result of concern rather than fear.

According to Aaron however, it's all BS:

And Fake News

He was just 'trying to be funny'

Who knows what's going down in the Carter clan, but fingers crossed that behind closed doors, he's still the happy "Candy" crusher we all know and love.

If you're concerned about the mental wellbeing of a friend or family member, reach out to Lifeline on 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


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