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Game of Thrones has been known its shocking twists and turns, and Sunday's episode was no exception. Even though some fans are still confused by this season's time shifts, the most recent episode, "Beyond The Wall" provided a heartbreaking moment north of The Wall. While Jon and his merry band of misfits were surrounded by the army of the undead, Daenerys and her three dragons came to the rescue. However, the Night King stunned us all by throwing an Aaron Rodgers-esque Hail Mary and took down Viscerion.

Now the Night King has his very own ice dragon, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers himself expressed his sadness over the episode's events.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the most famous sports stars to succumb to Game of Thrones's cultural phenomenon. Every Sunday night has become a massive live tweeting event around the world to which Rodgers often has a thing or two to say. However, he's not the only athlete to notice how strong the Night King is, with the U.S. Olympic Team anxious to recruit him.

Everybody Wants The Night King To Become An Olympic Athlete!

With the U.S. Olympic team interested in bringing the Night King into the fold, he'd surely be a great contender in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan - although he may be better off waiting for the Winter Olympics!

Although many fans were distraught over the death of Viserion, others aren't worrying about the impending wrath of Daenerys. Instead, they're cheering on the Night King's true calling as an Olympic contestant.

It seems that although the Night King took down one of the show's most treasured creatures, his athletic abilities are winning some fans over. If he continues to impress the Game of Thrones fandom with more impressive feats, perhaps he'll go into Season 8 as a fan favorite.

It's only a matter of time before more countries come calling for The Night King and his incredibly javelin throws. After all, he's going to have to find something to do once Game of Thrones comes to an end next year.

What other sport should the Night King try next? Tell us in the comments below!


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