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Even more supernatural drama! Seriously, future scholars will look back at the early decades of the 21st century and will call it the 'Age of the Vampire Show'. Vampires and their unworldly ilk now feature on practically every network in the US. ABC have just announced they've got another one coming, and they've just nabbed their lead.

Entitled Gothica, the show will star as Grace Van Helsing, a writer who begins investigating who or what knocked off her parents. She is the ex-girlfriend of Victor Frankenstein (), and is currently the "partner" of Dorian Gray (). So yeah, these rather unsubtle names suggest we're going to get another TV show filled with vampires, ghouls and other fairytale regulars.

Gothica will also adhere to the modern craze of placing all these old fashioned gothic elements into a modern setting. Hitfix is currently describing it as a cross between Once Upon a Time and Bam Stoker.

Montgomery, who hails from Britain, hasn't had the best of luck in recent years. She starred in CBS' Made in Jersey, a show which was axed after only two episodes. Let's hope this latest venture can help develop her career a bit more successfully.

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