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Everyone's favorite Dobby the House Elf Cosplayer, , is known for doing things that could be considered insane. That being said, this might be his best stunt to date. The Kremlin has reported the President Vladimir Putin has granted Russian Citizenship to action star . The official decree is posted on the Kremlin website and reads as follows:

The decree was translated from Russian, but can be viewed on the official Kremlin website. Seagal gaining Russian citizenship is not a surprise, seeing that Seagal has been spotted chumming around with Putin on several different occasions. Obtaining Russian citizenship seems to have been Seagal's plan for quite a while — Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov confirms this idea:

This [was his] desire, he had really applied. He had been really persistent for a long time and been asking to grant him citizenship, he is actually renown for his quite warm feelings toward our country.

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Want more '90's action? Check out:

Seagal is not the first celebrity to seek citizenship from Russia. Seagal joins such celebrity royalty as French actor and wine connoisseur Gerard Depardieu, and former boxer Roy Jones Jr. Three celebrities are hardly a trend, but it is interesting that they all gained fame in the '90s, and that they have all fallen out of the public spotlight.

From Russia With Love

Seagal is known around the world as the star of such classic films as Under Siege, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, and The Glimmer Man. As of late he, has been absent from the public eye, and now we know why: Russia has claimed the beloved action star for themselves.

Watch a clip from the American classic: Under Siege 2:

This is not the first incident of a celebrity fleeing America to flourish in another country. It was not that long ago that former Chicago Bull's star and all-round bad boy Dennis Rodman was over in North Korea with his new bosom buddy, Kim Jong Un. This recent defection by Steven Seagal has sent a mild wave of panic across Twitter:

It seems that America is reeling from the news of losing yet another cherished celebrity. Well, we didn't lose Seagal, more like we are now involved in a polyamorous relationship with him. There does however, seem to be a trend of celebrities from the '80s and '90s fleeing to other countries, which perhaps which we should sit up and take notice of. Until then you can always rifle through Seagal's back catalog and be nostalgic for the good old days.

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[Source: Sputnik News]


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