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At K&K productions, we have spent the last few months putting together this ambitious film based on the hugely popular character of Cable. So, if you can't wait for , to get your fix of the time-traveling mutant, look no further!

After receiving its public premier at the MCM London Comic-Con, the film is now online and you can check it out right here:

Inspired by the 2010 Marvel Comics crossover X-Men: Second Coming, the film follows and Hope Summers (played by Solvi Fannar and Christine Lynn) as they return from the future to the present, where they encounter some factions that are not so fond of mutants.

Bishop payed by Phillip Tommy
Bishop payed by Phillip Tommy

They are helped by Nightcrawler (Grant Stevens), who uses his teleportation abilities in some very creative ways. The film was shot in just two days, but a lot of work went into making it feel as cinematic as possible.

If you would like an insight into how it was done, check out the behind-the-scenes video below:

This was so much fun to shoot and we hope we left you wanting more. We feel Solvi makes an excellent Cable and with no one currently cast for Deadpool 2, we are pushing for Solvi to play the big mutant himself.

If you want to find out more about the project and keep up to date with our future projects, you can follow us at the usual places.

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