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DC is really tapping into all areas of their comic universe. We all know about the famous Justice League, but the exploration of other heroes is making the DCEU worth following. It started with DC’s worst heroes, the Suicide Squad which led to rumors of a potential Birds of Prey film. Then speculation floated around about DC’s paranormal world and now we have a Justice League Dark film in development. If that wasn’t enough, recent rumors now suggest DC is developing a film that I thought had been lost in time, Booster Gold.

Fortunately, DC hasn’t let me down and there are in fact plans for a Booster Gold film. However, the downside is that our favorite time-traveling hero won’t be part of DC’s cinematic universe. According to Cinema Blend, Booster Gold will be in a world of his own, separated from the Justice League and the DCEU. The 'Gold Standard' is going to stand alone in a world of his own.

I admit it kinda sucks that he won’t be part of the DCEU. After all, Booster has been featured in quite a few storylines that had him teaming up with Batman and Superman, which I would have wanted to see happen on the big screen. Maybe he could be part of the Arrowverse since Rip Hunter — who happens to be his son — is a main character on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I’m sure Booster will be in a world of his own — he is that special. The writers loved him so much they decided to make him the leader of Justice League International.

Since the start of DC: Rebirth Booster has been MIA, but I’m sure it wont be long until the conceited hero pops up. Before Rebirth, DC had done a great job featuring Booster Gold outside of the comics as well. He was part of Justice League Unlimited, but some fans may know him from Batman: Brave and the Bold

We got our first live action depiction of The Gold Standard on Smallville Season 10, in the Episode 18 titled “Booster.” Eric Martsolf did a fantastic job introducing us to the fame-seeking hero.

Again it’s a bit disappointing that he wont be part of the DCEU, which may or may not need some of his lightheartedness. However, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m choosing not to beg. Instead, I’ll show my appreciation for Greg Berlanti’s efforts.

Who Is Booster Gold?

Booster Gold is a superhero from the 25th century. Before he put on the spandex Michael Jon Carter had the world in his palm. He was a fantastic high school QB who earned a college scholarship to Gotham University where he then earned the nickname Booster for his stellar play. Unfortunately, he squandered it all away for some extra cash, losing it all after he was caught betting on his games.

Without football, he was forced to take a part-time job at the Metropolis Space Museum where he developed an interest in 20th century history. Carter found himself drawn to the heroes and villains that existed 500 years before him. With the help of Skeets, the museum's robot security, and some stolen property that including a flight ring that belonged to the Legion of Super Heroes, a force field belt, wrist bands that shot lightning, a suit that granted him superhuman strength, and Rip Hunter’s Time Sphere, he traveled to the 20th century. In this new and somewhat familiar world, Booster Gold wanted to make a name for himself; he wanted become a legendary hero, and he did just that.

For more information and a super quick yet detailed guide that takes you inside the story of Booster Gold check out this cool video.

Now that you know a little about Booster lets take a look a few men capable of dawning the blue and gold?

Liam Hemsworth (Hunger Games)

The 6’3" younger brother of Thor has the looks and charisma needed to play Booster goal. He’s still very young, 26 (at the time this was written) and DC could use a fresh face like his. Playing a QB who lost everything after betting in order to save his mom fits Hanmesworth’s skill set. One of his early notable roles came in 2012’s The Expendables 2. He played the charismatic sniper Billy the Kid who unfortunately met his demise.

After starring in the Hunger Games series, stuck in a love triangle that he lost to Peta and the financial disaster Independence Day: Resurgence, Liam deserves another shot. He's a talented young actor who just needs the right role, and I think Booster Gold can and should be it.

Channing Tatum (Magic Mike)

Tatum is one of my favorite actors, dude is a riot, recently he posed a Simone Biles medal stand on the Ellen show. He makes the list because I have no doubt he’d own Booster Gold. Right now he’s linked to Gambit, but things aren’t looking so good for that film. Should the movie tank or never get off the ground, Greg Berlanti should be giving Tatum a call. Channing has all the ability to play a privileged, cocky jock who losses everything. Channing’s claim to fame came courtesy of his dance moves starring alongside his wife Jena Tatum in the Step Up that sparked the franchise.

After that, Tatum expanded his acting wings he had a few dramatic roles like Dear John and Fox Catcher. He played in action movies like G.I Joe, and Haywire, but it was his role in 21 and 22 Jump Street that made me realize how talented he is. In 22 Jump Street we saw him play a cop while he and his partner attended college that makes him Booster Gold ready. Check out this epic scene

Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy)

I’m a huge fan of Garrett's. I’ve recently suggested he play another DC hero. The Tron star hasn’t had many big time movies outside of the aforementioned, but he’s still one talented mofo. Hedlund has the ability to play a true hero like he did in Unbroken

With his looks, strong voice and 6’2" frame, Hedlund not only looks the part, but his role as Hook showed a different more charismatic, loud, brash side to him. Plus he’s nailed a football role before in Friday Night Lights as Don Billingsley the fallback for Boobie Miles and abused son of Tim McGraw’s character. Hedlund is legit and I think he’s arguably the best actor to play Booster Gold outside of my No. 1 pick.

Armie Hammer (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)

There is no better person than Armie Hammer for this role. At 6’5" with golden hair and a captivating smile he looks the part of pretty boy QB with the world at his fingertips. Even without the other movies he’s done, like J Edgar, Mirror Mirror, The Lone Ranger I only need to point to one role that lends itself exceptionally well to Booster Gold. That role came in 2010 when he portrayed the Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler in David Fincher’s Mark Zukerberg biography Social Network. He wore the pompous jackass role rather convincingly, which was all I needed to make this argument for him being Booster Gold.

However The Man from U.N.C.L.E. star has rubbed elbows with a DC hero in the aforementioned spy flick where he plays Russian spy Illya Kuryakin. As Illya, he was serious, almost robotic in nature and it made for a great movie. The chemistry he and Henry Cavil showed was fantastic. Despite Booster not being part of the DCEU it’s good to know Hammer and Cavil clicked well just in case Greg Berlanti should change his mind. Check the two of them being buddy buddy in the clip below.

Honorable Mention: Michael Gregory Mizanin

I know I know I'm going against fan cast 101, NO WRESTLERS. Since I'm a rebel I say down with the rules. In fact, I'll go even further — I wouldn't mind seeing John Cena as Shazam, BOOM there I said it. Am I what's wrong with society, or a great example of our failed education system? Probably, but I accept who I am.

With that being said, the Miz comes in as an honorable mention because my qualifiers out qualify him. However, his work on the small screen as The Miz lends itself very well to the egotistical blue and gold hero. He's a loud, rambunctious, self-centered, narcissistic ego-manic and the reigning Intercontinental Champion.

He has shown a bit of versatility in his very young movie career. In WWE Studio's The Marine franchise, Miz has shown the ability to go from jackass to hero, thus giving me some confidence he could pull it off. I was impressed with his work in The Marine 4: Moving Target. Go ahead, look at the bottom here and watch the trailer. See The Miz impress you in under 60 seconds.

Well that's that, lets hope Booster Gold can start production soon and without hitch so that we can see a film that lives up to the Gold Standard.


Should Booster Gold Be Part of the DCEU?

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