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With the announcement of Ben Affleck's standalone film, fans are excited to see which of the Caped Crusader's many allies may appear in the film. Nightwing is one of the primary hopes of these fans. (Dick Grayson) was the first Robin to serve alongside the Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne took in Grayson when his parents fell to their deaths in their family circus act "The Flying Graysons." Bruce Wayne saw himself in Grayson and took him in as his ward. Dick Grayson has always been portrayed with dark hair, but, over the past 70 years, his character has changed a lot.

Ben Affleck's Batman falls in between the ages of 40–50 years old. This means Dick Grayson would be 20–30 years old; any older and the father-son relationship wouldn't make sense. This doesn't mean the actor can't be older than 30, they simply can not look older than 30.

5. Matt Cohen

Best known for his role as Aiden Dennison on South of Nowhere and his current role as Griffin Munro on ABC's General Hospital, Cohen is the oldest actor on the list at the age of 34, though he could pull off being a few years younger. Cohen also makes appearances in the TV shows , How to Get Away With Murder, and Criminal Minds. He was also a contender for the role of Superman in the CW's hit series , almost breaking his way into the DC universe.

4. Dylan O'Brien

Know for his roles as Thomas in and Stiles on the CW's , O'Brien is only 25 years old, perfect for the role of Dick Grayson. He obviously appeals to the younger audiences that DC needs to reach.

3. Harry Lloyd

Known for his roles as Viserys Targaryen on HBO's , Lord Riot in The Riot Club, and Young Denis Thatcher in The Iron Lady, Lloyd is 32 years old — a little older than Dick Grayson, but with his young face, he could pull it off. He has proven himself to be a great actor multiple times.

2. David Henrie

Though he wasn't on my list initially, David Henrie could definitely pull off Dick Grayson. Best known for his roles as Justin on Wizards of Waverly Place and How I Met Your Mother, Henrie is 27 years old, making him another great candidate to play Dick Grayson. He can obviously play the humorous hero as seen in his previous performances.

1. Danny Shepherd

With his only Hollywood film being his appearance in the movie Down and Derby, many may debate him being on the list, but he is my personal favorite. Not only does he look like Dick Grayson, but he has played him too. Staring on Ismahawk's YouTube series Nightwing: The Series, Shepherd has already proven he can play the first boy wonder. With his training in martial arts from Escrima (the choice weapon of Nightwing) to a black belt in Taekwondo, there can be no doubt that he is suited for the physical aspects of the role as well.

Which actor do you think should join the ranks alongside the history of men who've played Batman?


Who was your favorite on this list?

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