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Earlier this year, 70-year-old Sylvester Stallone stated he had no interest in reprising his iconic character . Being happy with how the last installment ended, it was time for him to hang up his red headband.

Actors may move on, but studios rarely do. It has been reported by the Hollywood Reporter that Nu Image/Millennium films are rebooting the franchise without Stallone. Ariel Vromen (Criminal, The Iceman) is set to direct a script written by Brooks McLaren. There is no set release date for the reboot titled — but here is a list of actors who could face the difficult challenge of replacing .

5. John Krasinski

Yes, I know Krasinski is best known for playing the lovable and goofy Jim Halpert on NBC's , but earlier this year he starred in 's action film, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Krasinski was front and center in many of the action scenes, showcasing his ability to transition from comedy to action. Known for being the "everyday guy," Krasinski got extremely ripped for the role, dedicating himself to a strenuous workout. would be proud.

4. Liam Hemsworth

Hemsworth co-starred with Stallone in 2012's , proving he can hang with the biggest action stars in Hollywood. Known for being 's baby brother, this is the Australian's chance to lead his own action franchise.

3. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Now, this is a long shot. Studios are probably going for a younger actor to lead a franchise, but how cool would this be? Johnson is the must-see action star of our time — the "Stallone" of our generation. Seeing him as John Rambo would be so fitting. Plus, the guy is box-office goliath. Seems like a win-win for fans and the studio.

2. Michael B. Jordan

Jordan played alongside Stallone in last year's critically acclaimed, . It would be likely that Stallone would give his blessing. It may be a controversial casting, but Jordan has already dealt with his critics when he played The Human Torch in 2015's . Fans will get over it.

1. Ryan Gosling

Although is not known as an action hero, Stallone himself had picked the actor to replace him if a reboot were to be made. Now, if John Rambo thinks you are the man for the job, then you are No. 1 on my list. If Gosling can replicate the intensity of his performances in and God Only Forgives, this could be a perfect match.


Who should replace Stallone?


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