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Recently, it was announced that Michael Green was selected by FX to be the showrunner of their Y: The Last Man adaptation. Currently, he's the lead on Neil Gaiman's American Gods series and will be co-writing Y: The Last Man with series creator and comic book legend Brian Vaughn.

With the series moving ahead, it seemed like the perfect time to put together a list of five actors that I believe could pull off the part of the young hero.

The important thing to remember about Yorick is that he's forced into a situation that might seem like a dream come true, but slowly becomes a harsh reality. He discovers that he is the last living male on the face of the planet (along with his monkey, Ampersand) after all others suddenly drop dead of unknown causes.

While a lot of fans would argue that Agent 355 is the best part of the comic, it would be hard to have a comic about the last man on Earth without Yorick. Yorick's journey is so compelling not only because it spans the globe, but also because he grows so much and slowly becomes the type of man that men can be proud to have as the last of their kind. This role could be daunting, but could also be one of the most sought-after of the new millennium.

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Levitt is hot right now. Not only that, but he’s also proving to be quite the thespian. He’s not the kind of young actor who is making his name with his abs or moody mumbling on screen, either. You see, what makes Yorick such a hero is that he’s just so average at the beginning of the story. He’s not an action hero and tends to get his butt handed to him more often than not. That’s why it’s important to have an actor who is easily accessible and not intimidating (while simultaneously not being Michael Cera). Levitt has the name to draw crowds and the ability to carry the story. The only problem might be that audiences would only see him and not Yorick. Still, if you wanted to make the big bucks with Y: The Last Man, he's probably your best bet to pull in people still on the fence.

4. Dave Franco

I think we can all agree that the littlest Franco has done one hell of a job stepping out from his brother's shadow. However, he's yet to snatch up a role that truly defines him as an actor and rockets him to stardom. Up 'til this point, he's mostly been a sidekick, but one that's managed to keep all eyes on him when he enters a scene. This might make him perfect to play Yorrick since he's pretty much a sidekick character thrust into the spotlight. Fans of the series know that Agent 355 is the brains and the muscle behind the story, but Yorick is still the protagonist simply because he was lucky enough to be the last man on Earth. I think Franco could pull off that confidence-lacking appeal that Yorick managed to do so well.

3. Jim Sturgess

Better known as “Who?” by the majority of moviegoers, Sturgess is probably most famous for Across the Universe, but has also tested his American accent in films like 21. The fact that he’s got quite a bit of experience without having become a household name means that he’s ready for a role that could really define him as an actor. I’m not saying his previous performances were rubbish — quite the contrary — he’s got the ability to pull off Yorick. He’s a little tall for the part, but that shouldn’t be enough to take him out of the running. I think that he’s got the looks and the charisma to become the awkward man-boy that Yorick initially represents, and the maturity to pull off his transformation. He'd be perfect because his star is rising and he's ready for something like this to come along.

2. Shia LaBeouf

It's long been rumored that LaBeouf has been a favorite to play Yorick, not just by fans, but by the creators of the comic as well. It's been a long time since his days on television, but maybe it will do him some good. After all, he's starting to come down from his off-screen antics, and doing a series again would be the best way to prove to studios that he's not a risk anymore. Plus, the guy pulls off confused and rambling like nobody's business, and Yorick was a guy who often struggled to do the right thing. Not because he was a bad person, but because his entire world had been shattered (well, everyone's world had been). Despite my personal feelings about LaBeouf, I have to admit this is a good role for him.

Check out the many faces of Shia in the video below:

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1. Evan Peters

If there is one thing American Horror Story has taught us, it's that Evan Peters is one hell of an actor. Not only that, but Peters is no stranger to comic book roles, having starred in both X-Men as Quicksilver and Kick-Ass. I'm not saying we should put all of our comic book roles in one basket, but if the shoe fits, why not? The best part is that Peters already has a relationship with FX and could easily get them to work with him so he could remain in American Horror Story and Y: The Last Man. Plus, Peters has this completely non-threatening vibe to him (coming in at just under 6 feet tall) and he has a puppy dog look to him that perfectly walks the razor's edge between pathetic and endearing. If FX locked him down for the role, I would be completely sold on the series.

So, there you have it. Five actors I think would be perfect for Yorick. Hollywood is a big place though, so let me know in the comments who you think deserves to play the last man on earth.


Who do you think would make the best Yorick?


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