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On the back of The Walking Dead's success and global domination, a small store in Senoia, Georgia has decided to cash in on the zombie craze. Senoia was the small town that doubled as Woodbury during Season 3 of the show, but despite the production leaving town, Carrie Cottrill, an enterprising shop owner, has kept the undead flavor alive. Three weeks after filming in the town finished Cotterill opened The Woodbury Shoppe devoted to all things Walking Dead and it's fair to say business is booming:

We knew it was going to be a great idea and fill a need. But it has exceeded all of our expectations. It’s been gangbusters. People have been diverting vacations, saying, “Oh, we were on our way to Disney World and we heard about your shop. So we just had to come here.” It’s been non-stop. We see people from all over the world.

So what are the biggest sellers?

The number one best-seller is, by far, our T-shirts. We’ve made our own T-shirts that are related to the Senoia-Woodbury thing. Those are very popular I think because people want to have that souvenir of their experience here. But our best-selling T-shirt of the bunch is one that says “Keep Calm” and then each has a saying like “Don’t Trust the Governor” or “Don’t Leave Woodbury.” I think people like that because it’s a good conversation starter.

Coolest guy on the planet has been known to visit the establishment so if you're ever in the area and fancy some seriously cool zombie merch, you could do worse than check it out.

If you could have any TWD merchandise, what would it be?

(Source: AMCTV)


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