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Good news, fellow Star Trek fans: our favorite series has brought a surprising couple together. Terry Farrell, the actress who played the symbiotic Jadzia Dax for five seasons in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is engaged to Adam Nimoy, the son of the late Leonard Nimoy, a.k.a. the original Spock.

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

The star couple made their relationship public last year. Now, they're taking their next step, as Access Hollywood's Scott Mantz reported on Twitter:

Given the internet's ability to spread rumors, some fans were skeptical. One user tweeted at the actress to ask whether the engagement news was true. To the fan's delight, Farrell confirmed it:

Following the news, Trekkies showed an outpouring of support and well wishes for the couple — so took to Twitter to share her gratitude for the messages:

There's something I find pretty funny about this pairing. Deep Space Nine had a crossover episode with the original Star Trek cast, "Trials And Tribble-Actions." In it, Farrell's Jadzia pointed out just how handsome was. That has to be one of the most awesome instances of foreshadowing ever.

We wish all the best to the couple. Hopefully they share images of their wedding with fans in the near future!

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