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When wakes up in his palace of gold and slapstick, I wonder if he thinks about the less-than-fantastic run of movies he's had over the last few years. More likely he just fixes himself a shake made from $100 bills and dives into his swimming pool of beautiful women shouting at him until he emerges with a script idea for another movie starring his friends.

I admire Sandler. I really do. If I was as rich as he is, I would do nothing but make movies that set up easy roles for my best friends. It makes absolute sense, the man is a genius for ensuring every shooting day is now a day hanging out with his buds. Which is why it saddens me to hear that he's being sued by a carpenter for wait for it... severed fingers.

Sandler's Happy Madison Productions, Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures and... bizarrely... Black & Decker are all being sued by one man. A man who claims that during the production of last year's That's My Boy several of his fingers on his right hand were sawn off while the hand itself sustained multiple fractures.

Being right handed and a carpenter, Richard Houpert claims that the injury has cost him a significant amount of income and he's looking for $1 million in damages to make up for that. Seemingly Houpert was working on sets for the movie when the accident happened. Without the proper protection, the carpenter's hand was:

drawn into the saw.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes the plaintiff's attorney, Joan S. Amon,:

Willful, wanton and reckless misconduct to wit their failure {to ensure the saw’s safety.} The cost to provide saws with saw stops, guards, or other safety equipment was minimal compared to the enormity of the risk of injury to the users of the saws.

No word from Sandler yet as to whether he plans to just use a loud annoying voice to scare the man away but after losing a significant amount of money with the flop of That's My Boy, the boy from Brooklyn must be on the offensive.

You can sympathize with the poor gent. I assume the lawsuit has only arrived fairly recently because Houpert didn't get a chance to see what he'd lost his fingers for until he could pick up the movie on Blu-ray. After the viewing the lawsuit was perhaps inevitable.


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