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The age of zombies has come, and it's here to stay. Nope, I'm not referring to Candy Crush addicts, I'm talking about the age of The Walking Dead (although you'll never see them called by that term on the show) and World War Z. The 'undead' hordes are a trending topic in showbiz, and now a TV network is ready to jump on the bandwagon: The CW, which is developing a new show based on the relatively obscure DC comic called iZombie.

Yep, the network's doing it again: adapting a DC comic to the TV format; probably a corollary of the success of shows such as Smallville and Arrow. But what is this so-called iZombie exactly?

iZombie is a comic book published by Vertigo, a DC-owned imprint. It revolves around Gwendolyn Price, a med student from Eugene, Oregon who also happens to be a revenant (basically a high-functioning zombie). In order to maintain her humanity, Gwen must regularly consume human brains (about one every month at least). To gain direct access to the coveted grey matter, she takes a job at a coroner's office. The upshot though, is that for each brain she devours, she receives the memories of the dead person it belonged to. Thus, she is able to solve murder mysteries with the help of a detective cop and her boss medical examiner, all so she can rid herself of the creepy voices in her head.

is set to be the showrunner of this interesting concept, alongside Diane Ruggiero, who co-wrote the upcoming Veronica Mars movie with him. The comic book characters were created by Michael Allred and Chris Roberson. Danielle Stokdyk and Dan Etheridge are also executive producing this new series.

As of now, no casting announcements whatsoever have been made. Stay tuned to find out who will fill the shoes of the cerebral-noodle-eating med-school zombie Gwen (and the rest of the cast).

Would you dig such a show?

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