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This post contains spoilers for Arrow Season 5.

The villain of Arrow's Season 5, a.k.a. Adrian Chase, had a game plan in mind when he began targeting Oliver Queen (and Oliver's friends). He never wanted to kill Oliver, just to destroy him. Some might say he achieved his goal when he broke Oliver in Episode 17 "Kapiushon," forcing him to reveal something that no one knew or even considered: that Oliver enjoyed killing.

Prometheus' Identity Revealed To The World

'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]
'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]

When we last saw Adrian Chase at the end of "Disbanded," he was driving toward an unknown destination after killing yet again. And even though it looked like he might be heading out of Star City, do we really believe Chase is going to spend the next five episodes in hiding until he's forced to come out of the darkness? That doesn't seem like this monster's style.

Chase likes to be in control, to call the shots. And he told Oliver once that he was always 10 steps ahead. So wouldn't he have been prepared for the eventual outing of his identity?

Let's not forget, some of Oliver's friends haven't yet been touched by the killer. So does Chase consider Oliver completely broken unless every aspect of his life has been destroyed?

Chase Has More Than A Few Tricks Left Up His Sleeve

Chase has been planning this attack on Oliver for four years. That is plenty of time to prepare for every eventuality. So the question is: what is Adrian Chase's end game? What else is there left for him to do to Oliver?

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There are still two moves Chase could make that would ultimately destroy Oliver, one of which is revealing Oliver Queen's identity as Green Arrow to Star City. I've no doubt Chase has the proof to prove the accusation, as he held Oliver captive for six days.

And the other monster move: showing Oliver's confession to the world. There could have been cameras we couldn't see, and everyone learning Oliver likes to kill could be enough to send his world crumbling down in a manner that would take a lot of time to rebuild it.

Neither one of these options require more than uploading a video to the internet, and Oliver would be on the wrong side of hurt once again. And with four episodes before the finale, Chase has more than enough time on his hands to cause even more damage before he ends up captured or killed.

Arrow returns to The CW on Apr 26, 2017.

Do you think Adrian Chase plans to reveal Oliver's identity to Star City?


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