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Alisha Grauso

If there's one thing director knows, it's that sex sells. Specifically, unhealthy sexual attraction with the potential for murder sells, at least if you look at his backlog of films, including Lolita, Indecent Proposal, Fatal Attraction, and his most recent being Unfaithful. That is, if you can call a film that was released over a decade ago "recent". As it turns out, not much has caught the Lyne's eye in the last decade. Until now, that is.

Deadline is reporting that a seductive new project has lured Lyne out of semi-retirement: A -penned adaptation of the late Patricia Highsmith's classic thriller novel Deep Water.

Deep Water revolves around young married couple Vic and Melinda, who have a liking for playing mind games with one another. However, their games take a twisted turn when people around them start dying. The line between fiction and reality starts to blur and the young couple starts to wonder if their games are still fictional...or if they've become killers.

If it's anything like Lyne's previous films, this has the potential to be an intensely gripping psychological thriller, so pin this to your corkboard and keep tabs on it. Or click [[follow]] and keep up to date, because this is 2013 and the internet is awesome.


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