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Aaron Kelly

Moviepilot is the fastest growing movie fan community in the world, already reaching over 13 million of the most avid US movie and TV fans. We are quickly becoming the primary destination on the web to discover upcoming movies and TV shows.

Our audience rules the industry
Only 5-10 Million moviegoers in the US drive the entire entertainment industry. We call them ‘First Weekenders’. They discover their next favorite movie early and talk about it endlessly. They go to the movie theater more often. They see a movie as soon as it’s released. Moviepilot is built for these ‘First Weekenders’.

Where new Movies and TV shows get discovered
We publish over 1,000 stories on upcoming movies and TV shows each week. Fans are not only coming to Moviepilot to discover new movies, but also sharing those discoveries across their social networks, and in turn influencing their friends.

We offer a new generation of 360 social advertising and content
We are building the most valuable online destination to market new movies and TV shows. But we do not sell banner ads. Because we believe in social advertising; in content that engages and entertains audiences, producing a social tidal wave. We produce content that is designed to be liked and shared. We amplify this content on our own social channels and more broadly on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. We create, produce and publish this social advertising content for our clients and then seed and amplify it through targeted social media buys.


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