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Sarah Gibson

Sony has decided to bring forward the release of 's upcoming Will and -starring sci-fi movie to May 31st. The original release date for After Earth was June 7th, just a week before Man of Steel's release on June 14th, Coming Soon reports.

This is probably a wise move from the studio. The movie will now get a full two weeks in theaters prior to Kal-El punching the box office in the face. With all of the hype surrounding 's Superman, along with the jawdropping new trailer, it looks like Man of Steel could be this year's The Avengers. If After Earth is going to make the most out of opening weekend, this is a smart move.

In After Earth, and play a father and son duo who crash land on Earth after the planet has been rocked by an apocalypse. Glad you'll get to see this movie even sooner? Let us know in the comments. [[poll]]


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