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's After Earth was panned by critics everywhere as a pretentious, incoherent and generally horrible science fiction flick that highlighted 's on-screen immaturity (he still has long ways to go towards becoming a good actor). For this reason, it should come as no surprise that Honest Trailer fans were demanding one of the hilarious parody trailers the fellows over at Screen Junkies come up with once in a while. And they shouldn't be disappointed.

After Earth was a fiasco and a box-office near-flop, but the Honest Trailer focuses more on the implausible and contradictory plot and the nefariously bad acting, rather than on the economic nightmare it became to producers. Take, for example, the succinct summary made by the narrator towards the end of the video, after which he expands on the completely counter-intuitive functioning of the dystopian Earth:

This movie is too dumb, on too many levels.

The dialogue is another thing the HT guys find easy to ridicule:

[Jaden Smith]: I like it but I think it's something bad!

[Narrator]: Did somebody actually read this before making it into a movie?

And of course, the movie's main star, , gets hit the hardest of all, despite the frequent interspersed mocking of his bratty son:

(...) Will Smith's biggest mistake since turning down 'The Matrix.'

And this little nugget:

Watch as Will Smith, one of the world's most charismatic actors, plays a man with no charisma.

Have a few laughs down below.




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