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might not have the most extensive filmography, but he is certainly developing a signature style. Both District 9 and the upcoming Elysium appear to seamlessly blend hi-tech sci-fi with recognizable contemporary issues and settings. Elysium is currently completed and is just awaiting its August 9th launch date, however, Blomkamp is already hard at work on his next project.

Entitled Chappie and starring frequent collaborator , the film will be a strange sci-fi comedy with a "ridiculous robot character". The director has already explained that Chappie will expand of his 2003 short entitled Tetra Vaal. The 1 minute film, which can be watched below, appeared as a fake piece of marketing for a newly developed militarized robot in South Africa. Again, the now extremely recognizable Blomkamp tropes can be easily spotted. Check it out:


While speaking to Den of Geek, Blomkamp explained that Chappie is "basically based on Tetra Vaal," and will incorporate some of the features seen in the short.

Chappie will also star District 9's , and reportedly, Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er of the South African band Die Antwoord.

Personally, I'm pretty excited. Blomkamp has previously done a great job of incorporating current technological and social issues into his movies. District 9 certainly did, while the latest Elysium trailer suggests it will also follow suit. The creation of lethal, autonomous robots is certainly a contemporary issue, and even though it's described as a comedy, I wouldn't be surprised if some political commentary slips in. But perhaps the best thing is that the idea sounds a bit like Short Circuit. I loved that film as a kid.

What do you think? Does this sound like a good project, or is Blomkamp starting to look like a one trick pony? Let us know below.