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's space-bound blockbuster Gravity is due to open in theaters excruciatingly soon. I'm literally almost quivering with excitement. In every article I've written about this movie, I just have to wax lyrical about how incredible it looks. Seriously after seeing it, I might have to stop watching movies in order to preserve the spectacle in my eyes.

Gravity is Cuarón's first film since his impeccable 2006 dystopian thriller, Children of Men, but don't accuse him of slacking in the 7 years since then. Gravity has had a rather turbulent production, taking 4 and a half years and a hell of a lot of experimentation. Despite this, Cuarón is already looking forward to his next project. In a lengthy and insightful interview with Vulture, Cuarón explains that although he wants to take a short break, he probably won't. He states:

Film is my means of survival, and Gravity was a miscalculation of time. It's not the best investment I've ever made.

When asked what he would like to make next, he replied his one criteria was that the characters would have to walk on Earth, referencing the continual issues of realistically replicating weightlessness in Gravity.

Cuarón currently has Believe, a supernatural TV series in development with arriving this fall, and now it seems he's ready to jump into a new genre, in particular horror. He explained:

I don't mean slasher. Something more psychological, more emotional, something that festers.

So what exactly does he mean? Well, according to the interviewer films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shining were mentioned as inspiration. I'm already getting excited.

What do you think? Would you like to see Cuaron helm a dark and brooding horror? Let me know below.


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