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Although ABC passed on a third season of Agent Carter, it seems that Hayley Atwell is still more than willing to play the part! At NYCC, we learned that the Avengers Secret Wars animated series will give her the chance to return to her much-loved role!

What is Avengers Secret Wars?

Disney's Avengers! Image: Disney
Disney's Avengers! Image: Disney

Announced at SDCC 2016, Avengers Secret Wars will be a 26-episode series in which fan-favorite Avengers must save all reality. We already knew that Avengers Secret Wars will feature a very different team of Avengers: Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, The Wasp and Vision. We've been given a vague hint that some of the core Avengers have "gone missing", forcing other superheroes to step up.

As Marvel fans will know, the first Secret Wars was a fan-favorite event in 1985. It featured a swathe of Marvel superheroes and supervillains whisked away to 'Battleworld' by a cosmic entity known as the Beyonder, where they had to battle it out for his amusement. It was one of the first major superhero events, and it literally reshaped the Marvel Universe — most notably, it gave Spider-Man a symbiotic costume that would ultimate become !

Last year, Marvel revisited Secret Wars as a cosmic event in which all of reality came to an end. Doctor Doom brought together the last remaining fragments of the Multiverse into a new 'Battleworld'. Ultimately, the remaining superheroes were able to take charge, and the Fantastic Four began the process of restoring the Multiverse.

What Role Will Hayley Atwell Play?

The surprise announcement that Hayley Atwell will reprise the role of Agent Carter in Avengers Secret Wars is sure to delight fans. Hayley Atwell's role in Captain America: The First Avenger led to two series of Agent Carter. This was a fan-favorite show, but sadly, ABC chose to shut it down after two seasons.

The question is, how will Agent Carter figure into Avengers Secret Wars? These events are surely set in the present day, but Agent Carter was around in the 1940s. The answer is clearly in the cosmic power of the Beyonders, whose abilities can transcend time and space.

Behold the Beyonders! Image: Marvel Comics
Behold the Beyonders! Image: Marvel Comics

It's easy to deduce that the Beyonders are responsible for the missing superheroes. They're also likely responsible for bringing Agent Carter into the present day. She'll likely either ally with the Avengers, or — more likely — be one of the civilians on Battleworld. In the classic Secret Wars event, the original Beyonder deliberately populated the planet with innocents who could be harmed during the battles between superheroes and supervillains.

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Whatever the truth may be, it's exciting to see Hayley Atwell return to the iconic role of Agent Carter. I know it's not the same as another series of Agent Carter, but it's nice to see that this brilliant role hasn't simply been forgotten. Avengers Secret Wars looks set to be a real treat for Marvel fans!


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