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Mark Newton

When I first heard that had reprised his role as Agent Smith to star in a software commercial, I was a pretty pissed. I was planning to explode into an incandescent rage in which I would bitch and moan about how nothing is sacred anymore and how the advertising industry is happy to steal characters from our favorite films just to make a quick buck. I was about ready to grab a megaphone, climb onto the roof of Moviepilot HQ and try to whip up passersby into a revolutionary rage in which we'd roam around the city smashing up franchised coffee outlets in some kind of anti-capitalist blood lust. But then I watched it. And yeah, It's actually kind of cool. Check it out below:

I suppose it is pretty awful to see one of your favorite movies bastardized to flog some corporate electronics, especially considering The Matrix had an anti-establishment theme at its core. Having said that, it was interesting to see that Weaving could still perfectly carry off Agent Smith 14 years after the original The Matrix.

Perhaps the commercial's saving grace is that it wasn't directed by the Wachowskis. Instead, Pineapple Express and George Washington director took the helm.

The commercial aired for real (But what is real?) during last weekend's Saturday Night Live time-slot on NBC. If you missed it, don't worry -- unless it was just a glitch in the Matrix it'll be on again some time soon.

Is this commercial downright awesome, or downright awful? Let me know.


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