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Rejoice, fellow American Horror Story fans, because love is in the air for Cult, the seventh installment in the horror anthology TV series. As it usually goes with AHS, details on the new season have been scarce –– until recently, that is.

We got a whole lot of information on the series at , including the title, a creepy teaser and even a release date.

Aside from those exciting news, showrunner has been having a lot of fun teasing fans with tidbits from Cult on social media, and he recently took to Instagram to share one of the biggest pieces of information yet. Despite all of the horror (and political drama) that's coming our way, the show will take its time to tackle a seemingly powerful love story between its current leads, because fan-favorites and are getting together to play a couple (once again):

In the caption, Murphy teased a relationship for the characters:

"Ally and Kai in CULT... a love story for the ages."

As mentioned, this isn't the first time the actors have played lovebirds. We saw them as a married couple in , but their romance was short-lived because Peters's character was murdered by a pair of creepy nurses... yeah, you'll have to watch the show for context.

To give you a little background on the new characters, will be loosely based on the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. For awhile, it was heavily rumored that Peters and Paulson would play Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively. That's not the case though. Petters will be playing the blue-haired Kai, while Paulson will be portraying Ally.

That's all we have on details for the characters right now.

Get Ready For A Whole Lot More Evan Peters

Peters has been an important player in the universe since Murder House, in which he made his debut as the weirdly compelling (and murderous) Tate Langdon. Unfortunately, he was kinda sidelined in Roanoke, playing the cruel Edward Phillipe Mott, and then the ill-fated Rory in only three episodes.

Thankfully (and much to the delight of fans), Cult is expected to be a pretty big season for the actor. During a Twitter Q&A, a fan told Ryan Murphy she wanted more Evan Peters on the show, and the showrunner responded by promising Cult to be the most important season for the actor yet:

Peters is an amazing actor who's brought a lot to the AHS franchise (yes, even in the short role he had in Roanoke), and he has great chemistry with Paulson, so I'm excited to see him get a prominent role once again.

premieres on September 5, 2017, on FX.

What do you think about Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson playing a couple in AHS once again? What are you expecting from that relationship? Let me know in the comments!


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