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The American Horror Story universe has baffled fans for close to seven years now. The hit FX anthology series changes its theme, storyline and setting every season while maintaining several of its key cast members in different roles. While each season exists as its own unique story, series creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that, despite the recurring faces, every season is connected in some way.

The season finale of aired on Tuesday night, concluding the storyline and, despite a jaw-dropping ending, there was one thing that stuck with us afterwards: Cult is officially tied to Asylum, as well as Roanoke and Freak Show. How do we know that? Well there was a clue in Beverly and Ally's conversation during Oz's birthday party.

Note: This article contains major spoilers from the American Horror Story: Cult finale.

You still with us? Okay good. Let's take a look at the this connection. Following Kai's arrest as a result of Ally turning him in to the FBI, Ally had become a national hero. As a result, she was constantly being plagued by news stations to do an interview — specifically Rachel Maddow's people, who would just not stop calling.

Ally's new girlfriend Erica tried to get Beverly to convince Ally that doing an interview could help Ally's image as a "feminist icon." Beverly then responded with:

"If she turned down Lana Winters then why would she talk to Rachel f**king Maddow?"

As I'm sure you die-heard AHS fans know, Lana Winters is arguably American Horror Story's most-known character, and, played by Sarah Paulson, the character originally appeared in Asylum. Lana suffered a heinous torture at the hands of Doctor Oliver Thredson during her imprisonment at Briarcliff asylum in the 1960s. We learned in the Asylum finale that Lana became a world-famous news reporter. Paulson reprised her iconic character in Roanoke, the sixth season of the horror series, where an aged Lana interviewed one of Roanoke's protagonist's Lee Harris. As a result, this connects Cult to both Asylum and Roanoke.

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

So how does Freak Show fit into the mix? Well, we already knew that Freak Show and Asylum were connected through the characters of Pepper, Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Adren, all of who appeared in both seasons. Additionally, the creepy farmhouse in Roanoke was built by a man named Edward Pghillpe Mott, an ancestor of Freak Show's antagonist, Dandy Mott. And thus, this connects Cult to not only Asylum, but Freak Show and Roanoke too.

Does This Connect Every Season Of 'American Horror Story'?

While there have been many connections made for several of the American Horror Story seasons, we're still waiting on that one link to tie them all together. As of now, we can assume that there are two universes in which the American Horror Story events take place. As we've mentioned above, Asylum, Roanoke, Freak Show and Cult have all been connected, meaning that the events of these seasons all take place in the same shared universe.

In addition to this, we know that Murder House, Coven and Hotel all take place in the same universe, but as of yet there is nothing to tie them to the other four seasons of the show. This currently leaves us with two separate universes, but with AHS set to return for at least two more seasons, perhaps Ryan Murphy will finally give us that one missing link that will tie all of the American Horror Story seasons together.

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