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Only one episode of American Horror Story: Cult has aired thus far, and the theories are already flying. Series creator Ryan Murphy invented a post-election America that eerily mirrors reality — but with an odd mix of characters and a group of murderous clowns.

We know that Ally is suffering from a long list of phobias which have been getting worse since Election Night, to the point where it is affecting the life of her wife and their son. Then we have Kai, the blue-haired lunatic who is feasting on the fear of Americans and seemingly found a new agenda. It was rumored that Ally and Kai would be in a relationship, but that is clearly not the case — so what is their connection?

One Redditor has an interesting theory.

So far we have only had a brief scene with Ally () and Kai (), and it resulted in Ally and her wife Ivy being drenched in a latte that flew from Kai's hand after he "tripped" walking across the street. Although the characters didn't seem to know each other, they did share some choice words, and it is obvious they will meet again. There is also the fact that Kai's sister Winter is now nannying for Ally and Ivy's son Oz. Winter was very interested in who Oz's dad was ... could she know something we don't?

Before Winter interviewed for the nannying job, Kai went through a strange pinky-linking ritual, training her on questions she might be asked to get the job. If he did force her into the job, it could be a link to the larger connection to Ally. The Redditor's theory suggests that Kai might be the sperm donor to Ally and Ivy's son Oz, and the wives have never met him. Oz reveals to Winter that his moms never discussed the topic with him, but it is possible that they never knew the identity of the donor. Oz does have curly blonde hair resembling Kai's, aside from the blue dye, but the kid does wear blue-framed glasses. Remember, there are no coincidences in .

If Kai is keeping a close eye on the family, would that mean he is controlling the group of creepy clowns to terrorize Ally and make it look like it is all in her head for some unknown motive? It seems likely, considering Winter is also helping cover up the clowns as she tried to blame Oz's imagination regarding the murder of the neighbors. (There is evidence suggesting that Winter is actually the one controlling her brother as some type of leader, but maybe during her time in Florida working on the campaign she stopped in Jupiter to recruit Twisty fans for the clown cult.)

The reason Ally and her family are a target will definitely be uncovered throughout the season. We can assume Kai and Ally will face off quite a few times, but throwing in a father and shared son would make things interesting. Ally might be unhinged, but it is clear she will go to great lengths to protect her son.

American Horror Story: Cult currently airs Tuesday nights on FX.

What are your thoughts on the connection between Ally and Kai? Tell us in the comments below!

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