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If there's one thing does better than any other show it's terrifying us half to death with its freaky creatures. From Rubber Man to Bloody Face, not to mention the addiction demon or Twisty the clown, knows how to keep its viewers up at night.

After a deviation in tone with , it appears that American Horror Story will be returning to its usual type of for Season 7, and series creator has provided us with a first tease at the upcoming season:

We recently learned that the seventh season of the hit FX series is set to focus on the presidential election, with series regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters returning in some capacity. Comedian Billy Eichner and Scream Queens' Billie Lourde have also joined the cast. Murphy has also confirmed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will not be significant characters in the show but may appear in the first episode, which is set during election night.

The twisted elephant design certainly confirms a return to American Horror Story's more traditional tone and, if this creature appears in Season 7, then it could be the most terrifying season yet!


Are you looking forward to 'American Horror Story' Season 7?

[Source: TV Line; Poll Image Credit: FX]


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