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(Warning: The following contains some fairly major SPOILERS for the latest Star Wars novel, Ahsoka, as well as discussion of plot details that could one day impact upon Star Wars Rebels and the likes of Rogue One. Proceed with whatever level of caution your small, green mentor cryptically suggests to you is wise.)

Now, with currently throwing out huge reveals and plot hints left, right and center, it'd perhaps seem safe to assume that the majority of this month's major -related surprises would arrive in its regularly televised guise. That assumption, however, didn't mesh with the recent arrival of E.K. Johnston's new novel, Ahsoka, which — along with expanding on fan favorite 's adventures between the end of and her arrival on Star Wars Rebels — just so happens to come complete with a fair few giant revelations.

And, so, let's take a look at...

The 4 Biggest (Relatively Spoiler-Free) Reveals From Ahsoka

[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]
[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]

Now, if we were to sit here and break down the entire plot of the novel, a handful of hugely SPOILER-ific reveals would inevitably unfold, but let's take a less fundamentally book-ruining approach. Below, then, are four of the most intriguing revelations from Ahsoka that don't actually make it completely unnecessary to read the shiny new Star Wars book you're probably going to read at some point.

First up?

4. A Longstanding Jedi Mystery May Have Finally Been Solved

[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]
[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]

Specifically, that of why the hell the surprisingly large numbers of surprising Jedi operating during the Empire's reign aren't able to sense one another's presence, and thus team up to form a kick-ass post-Republic Jedi adventure squad. Well, according to Ahsoka, that's because the Force has fundamentally changed since the fall of the Jedi, with even meditation proving unable to offer Tano a glimpse of any other Force users, including Darth Vader himself.

It seems there may well be a reason that was called , after all — it was evidently not fully awake while the Empire was first around. Meanwhile...

3. Obi Wan's Shift From Angry Young Man To Wise Old Coot Has Now Been Explained

[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]
[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]

Y'see, it turns out that Obi Wan spent much of his time hiding out on Tatooine desperately trying to find a way to bridge the gap between life and death. What's more, by meditating obsessively — and giving up every painful memory in favor of an entirely future-focused approach — he was apparently able to partially do so, only to be thrown back into the physical world, alongside a brief message from his mentor Qui-Gon Jin: "Obi-Wan, let go." If you've been wondering how the angry, troubled Obi-Wan of the prequels became the remarkably chilled out Obi-Wan of A New Hope, that's likely the reason: He not only discovered that for Jedi, death isn't the end, but that he has a reason to keep on living, too. Next up?

2. Ahsoka's Lightsabers Are White For A Reason

[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]
[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]

And that reason isn't (just) that they look cool. Y'see, it turns out that her shiny, white lightsabers were partly built using parts taken from a defeated Inquisitor. The only problem with that being that it turns out the Inquisitors' lightsabers have most likely been acquired from the Jedi Temple, and been "corrupted" with the dark side until they turned red. As such, Tano chose to return them to the light, and thus made them (largely symbolically) white.

And, finally, speaking of lightsabers...

1. The Death Star May Have A Shocking, Jedi-Related Secret

[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]
[Star Wars Rebels/Lucasfilm Animation]

Specifically, it seems as though The Death Star may well have made use of the kyber crystals that were so central to the construction of lightsabers. Y'see, it seems that the planet of Ilum found itself with a far larger (and more Star Destroyer-laden) Imperial presence than might be expected for such a relative backwater — along with a mining ship or two. With rumors long having flown around suggesting that will reveal the Death Star to be powered by an unusually large and powerful kyber crystal, it seems that Ahsoka may just have more to tell us than its initially letting on.

Want more on Star Wars' future, though? You can pick up Ahsoka wherever books are sold, and click right here for more on what Star Wars Rebels could yet reveal.

In the meantime, what do you think? Does Ahsoka Tano still have a major role to play in the wider Star Wars universe? Let us know below!



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