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Christmas may be looming, but that doesn't mean your itch has to go unscratched thanks to the third part of Vancouver-based Akuma Films' connected universe. He Sees You follows Akuma shorts Becky and Midnight Lovers, and continues the universe with the story of a clairvoyant detective who is searching for missing men — only to find that there's something evil feeding off the mayhem.

Akuma Films
Akuma Films

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This is the first of the shorts that returns to Becky, the Tinder-obsessed woman who uses dating apps to lure her victims before she brutally murders them. As it turns out, Becky really is just a disturbed serial killer, but her actions have attracted something other dark and other-worldly — something which only Detective Ryder can see.

Watch He Sees You below:

He Sees You was written and produced by Joel H. Brewster, Tarun Keram and Mat Lo, and is part 3/4 of their low budget connected horror universe. The company recently won $10,000 of funding from Storyhive for their upcoming project titled, The Man In The Rabbit Mask. The team aim to create diverse and original horror, fusing it with elements of science fiction and classic terror.

To find out more about Akuma Films and their upcoming projects, check out their Youtube channel, Facebook page and website.


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