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Mark Newton

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. was going to be in Despicable Me 2? Yep, the acting legend best known for playing cocaine-vacuuming gangsters had indeed signed up for a role in the animated kid's flick. However, Deadline is now reporting Pacino has dropped out of the cast due to 'creative differences'.

What kind of creative differences Pacino had concerning a light family animation is beyond me, but apparently it was severe enough for Pacino to walk only two months before the film's release date. Pacino was down to play Eduardo, the main baddie of the film, but now (Blood In, Blood Out, Miss Congeniality) has rapidly been brought in to finish the job.

This means Pacino will no longer be joining the likes of , , and for Despicable Me 2. You'll be able to catch it with those guys on July 3rd.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see Al Pacino leave, or are you not too concerned? Let me know below.


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