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How would you feel if I were to tell you that the following infamous lyrics: "Mister Aladdin, sir, have a wish or two or three. I'm on the job, you big nabob," as sung by the Genie to were in fact, a huge pack of steaming lies? Would you feel like you'd be in-sultaned? Like the flying carpet had been pulled from under your feet?

Well, this is exactly what Redditor Undependable has done to a legion of Aladdin fans, with a fan theory so potent, so in-geenie-us that it's got us wondering just how Ja-far we've come from the truth.

The Theory: Aladdin Trolled The Genie To Get Into Jasmine's Harem Pants

The key to this theory lies in the words Aladdin uses when making his first wish. Instead of wishing to "be" a prince, Aladdin asks the Genie to "make" him a prince. Why does he do this? Because he knows that the Genie cannot make two people fall in love, and by asking the Genie to "make" him a prince, Aladdin realizes that the most obvious way for him to do this would be to continually put Aladdin in situations whereby the closest nearby princess (i.e. Jasmine) would eventually fall for his street-smart charms.

This ultimately leads Aladdin to become the prince of Agrabah, and the highly prized Jasmine to become his loving princess.

The Entire Movie Is Therefore Just The Genie Trying To Fulfill Aladdin's Original Wish

Aladdin [Credit: Disney]
Aladdin [Credit: Disney]

Due to the fact that the Genie is able to see the future (at the end of the movie he says "Al, you're not gonna find another girl like her in a million years") he realizes that the only way to make Aladdin's wish come true is to set about a series of carefully planned events to get him there.


  • Jafar's plot to marry Jasmine and become Sultan
  • Aladdin nearly drowning after being attacked by Jafar's guards
  • And Jafar becoming the new "master" of the Genie

Were all just part of the Genie's original plan to "make" Aladdin a Prince as per his first wish. Neither he, Abu or Aladdin where ever in any real danger during the film.

So Jafar's Wishes Were Never Really Granted

Because the Genie was actually still trying to fulfill Aladdin's first wish the entire movie, this means that Jafar becoming the master of the lamp was just a clever ruse. This explains why, after the Genie banishes Jafar to the Cave of Wonders, all of his wishes are immediately reversed even though no one wished for this to happen. Humans, animals and objects return to their original form and the palace is moved back from the mountain to the city.

Jafar was just a lesson for the Sultan that good rulers need a lot more than just wealth to make them fit for the job, forcing him to reconsider the lovable street rat as a potential match for his precious daughter, and the rest they say, is history.


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