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I'm a hardcore True Blood fan and not ashamed to admit it. Yes, the last season went a little off the deep end and even lost me there for a minute, but I'm still on the bandwagon. Why? A huge reason is , with his bad-ass, tongue-in-cheek and action-packed take on, well, anything. Needless to say, I am finding myself penciling space in my schedule for Banshee, his latest venture for skin-baring premium cable network, Cinemax.

The plot goes a little something like this: stars as a mysterious ex-con/martial arts expert who poses as the sheriff of a small town who simultaneously deals justice and gets up to no good.

So, what can we expect from our favorite OTT showrunner while shilling original programming for a cable channel other than HBO? Ball spoke with Out about the latest notch in his producing belt, saying of the setting of Banshee, Pennsylvania:

[Banshee has a] dark, seedy underbelly of sex and violence and greed and impossible love... The town of Banshee itself had just as complex a history: Mythic small-town America… original tribal lands of the Kinaho Indians, new-world home to the old-world ways of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Drug dealers. Neo-Nazi skinheads. Ukrainian gangsters. Dumb rednecks. Bad-ass Asian cross-dressers.

Ooooh... Replace the South with Amish Country, swap in a kickass Asian in full makeup and heels, and replace vampires with, uh, Ukranians? Hm. Let me think this over for a second.

Aaaaand, I'm there. So there. Sure it might sound familiar, formulaic even, but it's a formula that works. Check out the trailer for yourself:

(via IGN)

The Banshee pilot is set to air on Cinemax East on January 11 at 10pm.


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