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Following the astounding success of The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl, DC has been hard at work on developing Titans, a live-action TV series based on the Teen Titans comics. The show will center around Dick Grayson putting together a team of young heroes to fight an unspecified threat. The cast has been coming along quite nicely in the last few months, with actors already in place for Robin, Raven, and Starfire.

Now it's time to get excited, because the show has gotten two more superheroes. (Smallville, Blue Mountain State) and (The Butler, Almost Human) will be playing Hank Hall, a.k.a. Hawk, and Dawn Granger, a.k.a. Dove, respectively.

Who Are These New Characters?

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Hawk and Dove are pretty much inseparable, and their stories are intertwined. Hank Hall and his brother, Don were chasing a mob boss who had gone after their father. The pair became trapped by criminals working for the boss however, so they pleaded to get special powers to escape (don't think about it too much).

Their pleads were answered by a Lord of Chaos (T'Charr) and a Lord of Order (Terataya), two members of different warring factions that fell in love. Hank received super strength, stamina, speed, durability, and a sharp set of claws. Don got the ability to fly, super strength, stamina, and super healing, and he took on the identity of Dove.

But their super team didn't last long. Don was killed by mystical beings during Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Hawk became mentally unstable. Fortunately for him, Dawn Granger appeared. Dawn was a young woman present in London during the Crisis. Her mom had been kidnapped by terrorists at the American embassy, so she was contacted by voices who offered her abilities to save her. Dawn accepted.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

With the ability to fly, super strength, stamina and reflexes, she took on the persona of Dove and saved her mother. Later on, she learned of the death of Don. Feeling guilty, erroneously thinking the powers she wielded were taken from him, she tracked down Hank and started working with him. Hank was reluctant to accept her at first, but Dove proved herself a worthy companion, who helped him fight crime as well as balance his burning temper, so they both eventually warmed up to each other. Together, they became the new Hawk & Dove, and they've gone on a lot of adventures, and have even been members of the Teen Titans (hence, their involvement in the show) All caught up? Great.

While it's always great and exciting to hear about new superhero castings, Alan Ritchson's involvement in the show is probably bad news for many Shazam fans:

Don't Expect Ritchson To Beat Up Black Adam As Shazam Any Time Soon

is one of the few DCEU projects that's had a relatively smooth development process. The film is currently expected to hit theaters in 2019.

Comic book lovers have clamored to see Ritchson in the role for a long time, and even the actor himself has teased us once or twice. Last year, he outright said he would play the character. Then this past July, Ritchson toyed with the idea of him as the character on Twitter, during .'s San Diego Comic-Con presentation:

Unfortunately for all of you asking for it, his involvement in Titans pretty much puts him out of the running (if he ever was) for the role. Of course, while this is probably disappointing for a lot of nerds, his casting was always technically wishful thinking. As mentioned, DC and director have been searching for an actor for some time, and while we've heard names like John Cena and Joshua Sasse, Ritchson hasn't come up.

Don't Worry Though, Ritchson Has A Bright DC Future Ahead Of Himself

He may not be Shazam, but embodying Hawk will keep the actor quite busy. Deadline reports that is thinking about making both Ritchson and Minka Kelly series regulars in Titans for a possible Season 2. On top of that, the company is also planning a spinoff for the heroic pair following their debut in the web series.

Granted, there's no way to know whether that will happen. The show is yet to premiere, and even if it succeeds, we have to wait and see whether Hawk and Dove are popular enough to warrant their own spinoff. As of now though, both Ritchson and Kelly seem to have a bright future with the and the DC Universe as a whole.

Titans is expected to premiere sometime in 2018, while the Big Cheese will fly into theaters in 2019.

What do you think about Alan Ritchson getting cast as Hawk? How do you feel about him not being cast as Shazam? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Deadline]


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