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Remember when rumors cropped up a while back, concerning Thor: The Dark World director and the fact that he wanted his Thor sequel to have a two-and-a-half hour run-time, despite Marvel saying he was contracted to make a movie that's only two hours in length or he would be breaching his contract?

Well, although those worrying times eventually passed and Taylor stuck to his Asgardian project, the director recently spoke with CraveOnline and addressed some of his thoughts about a fan campaign in favor of a director's cut of the movie. He revealed:

Wouldn't that be great? Maybe if you start the lobbying right now you can build up enough demand that Marvel will have to respond. I think it's always the case with these big movies that that happens, and it's painful to me because I absolutely love, love, love, love a lot of the stuff that fell by the wayside. Some of it was Malekith. You saw a lot more into the relationship between him and Algrim. You saw a lot more of what was driving him personally. And as I mentioned already there was a lot more with the kids, you saw them explore these fantastical events that were going on.

As if it's not excruciating enough, knowing that we might never get to see that content, Taylor continued:

Whether it's whole scenes that are dropped or whether it's beats or lines or moments that fall away in the drive to make it faster, tighter, funnier, quicker, more efficient, so yeah, that's the excruciating thing. I think if there was a director's cut it would be that much different. Maybe someday. Maybe someday if I become such a huge success later on in life I can come back and do it.

Yes please! Make it happen, Marvel!

If you want to see Taylor talk in more detail about his deleted scenes, head over here.


Thor: The Dark World smashes it's hammer down on November 8, 2013.


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