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Warning! Rogue One spoilers ahead!

Star Wars has had its fair share of droids, but never before had we seen one quite like K-2SO. A former security droid for the Empire, K-2's snide quips provided an unexpected but fitting comedic reprieve from the tensest of moments in Rogue One.

This only made it all the more tragic when he was dealt a true hero's death, going out in a blaze of glory whilst defending the Rebel Alliance's cause. But according to K-2's voice actor Alan Tudyk, that doesn't have to signal an end to the droid's days in the galaxy.

Rogue One [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Rogue One [Credit: Lucasfilm]

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Is He Gone For Good?

In an interview with Uproxx, Tudyk made it very clear that he, too, was personally affected by K-2SO's death, claiming that the studio "killed off the cash cow":

"Oh my God! That is so un-Disney."

He's not wrong. Although the time setting of made it highly likely that the characters wouldn't make it out alive, it was still a pretty different tone for the franchise. The Alliance won that battle, but the heroes we'd grown to adore didn't live to fight another day.

But thanks to those Star Wars anthology films, we may just see K-2SO in action again.

The Cassian/K-2 Origins Story We Want

Rogue One [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Rogue One [Credit: Lucasfilm]

It's clear that K-2 and his human accomplice Cassian Andor had quite the history. They had an unshakeable level of trust in one another, and had no doubt embarked on countless missions together in the past.

What Tudyk — and other Star Wars fans — would like to see is an origins story of how Cassian and his robot BFF came to work together:

"I want a Cassian and K-2 movie where we see who they were beforehand. And see the story of Cassian finding K-2 and who was K-2 back when he was in the Empire and all of that. So there’s a lot of stories. Now that they’re telling these different stories, there’s a lot of opportunities to branch out. I’m pushing for that one! That one sounds good."

K-2's history as a droid for the Empire definitely makes for an interesting backstory, and one that many are no doubt dying to see explored.

Will We See A Cameo In The Han Solo Movie?

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

While Tudyk says he'd "love to be in as many Star Wars movies as they make", he's definitely got a clear preference: the upcoming, untitled anthology movie. In terms of the timeline, it's theoretically possible that K-2 had some sort of run in with Han Solo before his final Rebel mission. After all, it seems like almost everyone has had a bad experience with the cheeky smuggler at some point during his criminal career.

Diego Luna, who played Cassian in Rogue One, has been suspiciously ambiguous when questioned about a possible cameo in the origins story. Does this mean we'll be seeing either K-2 or Cassian — or hopefully both — return for more Star Wars movies?

Would you like a Cassian Andor and K-2SO origins movie?

(Source: Uproxx)


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